Hello and welcome to my website, or Bonjour et Bienvenue!

I am a writer of children’s fiction. I love writing madcap middle grade adventures. However, my favourite writing is exploring the darker themes of young adult novels.  I am a member of the Golden Egg Academy, a wonderful nest of industry experts and fantastic editors.

I’m a daydreamer, I ask myself a lot of ‘What If’ questions and find they often lead to a long story, which becomes more complicated than I ever imagined.


I also love to doodle, to paint, to make cakes…. and eat them!


I hope you enjoy my website and get a little insight into the sorts of things and places that lead me to write my stories!


"To write is human, to edit is divine." - Stephen King

I must try to remember this!

"In a darkened tower, a problem parcel was prepared and glued to a velvet cushion. The sender wrote a note, their hairy fingers gripping a golden pen and when the parcel was tied up tight, they kissed it with moustached lips and popped it in the post.

And the problem was…. Gone."

- from 'How A Peach Became Prime Minister.'